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Changing Operations for the COVID-19 Telehealth Paradigm: Redeploying Staff to Maximize Care 

06-05-2020 12:38 PM

This one hour session and the content is primarily focused on enhancing operations to help health centers take steps in the right direction as they move to deliver more services remotely, especially in thinking about how support staff can continue to add value in a multitude of ways even in a completely remote environment.

Appropriate for any health center transitioning to telehealth and remote operations, the content will address activities and visit types health centers can pursue to keep generating revenue, generate billable visits, collect valuable data, and maximize the care being delivered to patient. For example, we are aware that some health centers are still not optimizing the opportunity to utilize telehealth for well-visits, and possibly foregoing the revenue available for completing Medicare Annual Wellness visits, which require a provider for the first 5-10 mins, and then an hour of care planning and questions by a nurse.

While we do use it to illustrate tools on a few slides, Azara DRVS is not the focus of this session and it is not required for the operational changes we plan to discuss.

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